Advice on upgrades for M60 and MB01

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by dragonsniper, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. dragonsniper

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    Alright so I have an A&K M60 that I am about to put a JBU 6.01 650 mm barrel into that I had in a Jg AK SVD and a well MB01 that I just put a Madbull 499 6.03 barrel into and I need advice on what to put In them to get the most out of them for good prices.
  2. CoppertopNeasg

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    Do not put a 6.01 in either. The Madbull barrel is ok but if the stock barrel is good quality brass then it will perform define and the money would be better put into the hop-up.

  3. 5upreme7eam

    5upreme7eam New Member

    R-hop it so you get better range :p
  4. Phailed

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    To get a better hop up effect on those, you can use a systema hop up bucking, and take the hop up nub from a hard (red) Prometheus bucking. That wil give you a full hop up effect, unlike what they usualy have from factory.
    You should not get a 6.01 barrel on a machine gun, it wil increase the chance of jams alot. I have also read sevral places that the inner diameter on the barrel dont mather much, but that the quality (no bumps and such inside) is what mathers. Look for something 6.05 - 6.08 if your stock barrel doesnt work for you.
  5. dragonsniper

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    Alright thanks for the barrel and hop up info, any other upgrade ideas?