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Discussion in 'Staff Reviews' started by Sparky_D, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Sparky_D

    Sparky_D Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Pierce County
    I recently received an AEG Burst Wizard from AEG Wizard Main Page

    The theory behind this device is to provide a burst function for your AEG without having to open your gearbox.
    A fantastic concept to provide a unique benefit for every AEG, I was currious to see if and how it worked.

    I received the Burst Wizard along with a 2 page doccument describing its features and how to set it up.

    The first thing I noticed was the size. It's relatively small, measuring about 3/4" wide and about 2" long. This size should fit in just about any AEG.

    The only problem I had with it was it came wired to Mini Tamiya connectors.
    Everything I run has Deans style T connectors. Fortunately I am well versed in converting to Deans, so it took me a few minutes to remedy the situation.


    On one end of the Burst Wizard, there's a potentiometer with a small Phillips Head adjustment dial. You use this dial to adjust the time the Burst Wizard passes current from the battery to the gun. This is how the unit is able to create the burst frature. After the set time, the unit cuts off the current to the gun, thereby stopping the firing cycle.

    If you continue to hold the trigger after the burst is complete for about 1 second, the unit essentially goes into bypass mode, and your gun will fire in full auto untill you release the trigger. Once you release the trigger after going full auto, the unit resets to burst mode automatically.

    After reading the documentation provided and swapping the connectors, I felt I was ready to give it a shot.

    Here's a brief video of my test:

    [ame=]YouTube - AEG Burst Wizard Test.3gp[/ame]

    Another interesting feature built into this unit is a sort of "Sniper" mode.

    This mode forces a 1 second pause between shooting. This mode is entered by disconnecting the unit from the battery, turning the potentiometer counter-clockwise until it stops, then plugging in the battery.

    It works quite well and still allows burst fire, but forces the operator to wait 1 second between trigger pulls. This could be a good training aide to help force you to aim your shots, especially in semi-auto mode.

    This unit does not affect semi-auto mode in your AEG.

    The other features touted in the manufacturers claims will have to wait for more dedicated electronics testing equipment, which I do not have access to, but suffice it to say, this is a very cool addition to any AEG, and because it does NOT require you to open your gearbox or modify your gun in any way, you can transfer it from gun to gun as your needs dictate.

    Well worth the MSRP of $35, in my opinion.
  2. 733t samsqatch

    733t samsqatch New Member

    Do you know if you can use regular batteries instead of Lipos?

  3. KingCobra

    KingCobra New Member

  4. Shooter

    Shooter Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Awesome review Sparky! Thanks!
  5. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
    Nice... PErfect timing too, I get paid tomorrow :-D
  6. Bob-o

    Bob-o Spartan 2 Supporting Member

    Martins Ferry
    OK, well, your review has sold me, next check I will be ordering one.
  7. hairyman

    hairyman New Member Supporting Member

    I remember reading that these mosfets have ROF control,,any chance of a vid showing its effectiveness.

    Thanks in advance.
  8. Kong

    Kong New Member Supporting Member

    Temple City
    Hi, This is Kong. I really appreciate Alan of Airsoft Society gave a hobbyist like me an opportunity to present my invented product in this forum. I started out just wanted to be a sponsor and advertizer here and instead I got much more than I had ever hoped for.

    The samples that I gave Alan are the version I of the AEG Burst Wizard and that is what Sparky used for his independent testing and review. I am glad that my product is being appreciated and considered worthy of buying.

    If you like the features in version I, then I absolutely certain that you won't be disappointed with Version II at all! I have proposed to Sparky that I will send a Version II to him for more unbiased and candid reviews. He graciously accepted the offer. So we all will have the pleasure to see his comments again.

    In short these are the differences between Version I and Version II:

    1) In semiauto:

    Version I forces a 1 second cycle time. In other word, even if you
    wanted to pull the trigger faster than 1 second, it would not let the gun
    Version II removes this restriction. Now you can fire each single
    shot as quickly as you can. Just like prior to installing the Burst Wizard.

    2) In Burst mode:

    Version I again has a fixed cycle time and if you release the
    trigger before the preset fire count and repull the trigger, the gun
    very likely does not fire or just finish up the previous preset count
    and stop.

    Version II you can release the trigger at anytime during the burst
    mode firing and repull the trigger again. The gun will just fire and
    start another burst round based upon your preset count value. No
    dead time at all. But if you hold on to the trigger, the gun will just
    stop immediately after the preset burst count. Remember though, you have 1 second to release the trigger to prevent it from going to fullauto mode.

    3) In sniper mode

    Version I If you pull the trigger within one second after the last
    burst round, the gun will just not respond until you release the
    trigger and repull it again after the 1 second DEAD ZONE has expired.

    Version II Similar to version I, the gun will enforce a 1 second
    delay after the last burst round if you pull the trigger immediately.
    But if you continue hold on to the trigger, the gun will fire the next
    burst round after the 1 second delay expires.

    4) ROF mode

    This is a newly added mode. In this mode, the burst wizard is just a simple
    MOSFET circuit no burst count control but allows you to change the ROF of you gun (motor) from 100% down to 0%. Yes, we change the speed of the motor and it is done smartly using PWM algorithm and have achieved not hurting the start up torque of your gun!

    Use this mode to mimic the ROF of a real gun when yours just fires too unrealistically fast because of great gearbox, a high speed & high torque motor and 11.1V LIPO battery combination!

    On the other hand, this mode is also great for running NON LIPO ready guns! you now can use LIPO and reduce the ROF to what it used to be when it was run by 9.6, 8.4 or even 7.2V batteries. Now, your gearbox WILL LAST!

    5) Arcing reducer

    Version II made some enhancement on this feature too.
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  9. Red Dog

    Red Dog New Member

    HI Alan! Is this version II available already? Can you ship one unit to Manila, Philippines? Will cover the expenses.
  10. Kong

    Kong New Member Supporting Member

    Temple City
    I am glad to report that our AEG Burst Wizard is now officially certified by the Bay Area Airsoft League in San Francisco to be used for their field games. Normally, only semi-auto is allowed there! This is a verdict that AEG Burst Wizard can enhance the fun and quality of Airsoft Electric Gun games for general hobbyists like you!

    Please check out new review and customer feedback sections AEG Wizard Main Page and I hope that will convince you to try out this product. Free shipping ends in 3 days.
  11. whitey

    whitey New Member

    very nice, i was reading up on the rof controller last week and couldn't find a mosfet to do it under ~$100, im glad to see someone made it affordable. good deal!
  12. supportgunner

    supportgunner New Member

    That is really awesome and for 35 bucks, I think its a steel. Thanks for the info Sparky D and Kong. I will be ordering one here in the future.:)
  13. Sparky_D

    Sparky_D Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Pierce County

    I received the Version II AEG Burst Wizard in the mail Monday evening.
    The instruction sheet was a single page, printed front and back, spelling out the functions and features of this improved version.
    In addition to the unit, Kong sent me a pair of Deans style connectors, available for an extra charge from his website.

    Well, last night, I mounted the Deans style connectors to the new Burst unit and ran a quick test.

    In Burst mode, the Ver. II unit functions as the Ver. I unit. Turn the potentiometer (pot) so that it's neither in the fully left or fully right position, plug the unit into the gun, plug the battery in, switch your gun to fully auto, then turn the pot either right or left to adjust the timing for however many rounds you want in your burst.

    In Sniper Mode, the board still enforces a 1 second delay between shots in semi AND burst modes. Simply turn the pot completely to the left (CCW) before connecting it to your gun and battery, then once connected, set your burst timer as stated above.


    The major enhancement to the Ver. II AEG Burst Wizard is the addition of a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) algorithym to allow the user to adjust the guns actual rate of fire from 100% to a claimed 0%. To enter ROF mode, turn the pot completely to the right (CW) before connecting to the gun and battery. Once connected, turn the pot towards the left (CCW) to reduce the guns ROF.

    During my test, I successfully reduced the ROF on my ICS M4 from its normal 16 RPS down to 10 RPS. I didn't feel the need to go all the way down to 0%, but may try that during my future tests this weekend. The sound of the gun was a little different during the lower ROF cycle, but it did not appear to affect the gun in any adverse manner. I will try to get a video posted this weekend with a full run down of the unit.

    Another great feature with the Ver. II release is if you leave the pot in the far rightmost (CW) position, you keep your guns functions the same as you normally would have (Safe, Semi, Full), but now you also benefit from the anti-arcing soft start feature (which saves wear on your trigger contacts) and LiPo over-discharge protection (provided you follow the included instructions).

    And as if that's not enough, AEG Bust Wizard has started a referal program!
    Get credit for sharing the news about this great little prroduct by having your friends enter your ASF (Airsoft Forum) or AS (Airsoft Society) username in the comments field when they place their order.

    Details available on the AEG Burst Wizard home page:

    AEG Wizard Main Page

    If any of my reviews have encouraged you to purchase one, I would appreciate the referal. Just add "Refered by Sparky D, AS" to the comment box.

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  14. n2daizo123

    n2daizo123 New Member

    Just ordered one and used u a a referal sparky
  15. Kong

    Kong New Member Supporting Member

    Temple City
    The LV Version Description

    As you might not have known, the BW LV version is now availabe on the website too.

    LV aims at meeting most teams and field playing rule where fullauto is not allowed.

    LV allows you to lockout this feature during power up. Now you can select to do only burst mode firing. Unlike the BW II, holding on to the trigger for more than 1 second will not trigger the fullauto. You have to release the trigger and repull to fire again.

    Like the Ver. II, you don't have to wait until the preset burst count to expire before releasing the trigger. Of course you can immediately repull the trigger to start another round of burst firing if you want, unless you've set up the sniper 1 second delay mode. Then, even if you repull the trigger immediately, you have to wait 1 second before the gun will fire again.

    As a bonus, you also get a volt meter out of the BW LV. At power up, if you pull and hold on to the trigger within the 1st 5 seconds after the battery is connected, your gun will shake out the battery voltage to you with an accuracy of +/- 0.1V! It is extremely easy to understand once you use it a couple of times.

    Now, you always know the status of your battery before the game!

    Since the BW consumes practically zero power (actually 0.007Watt), you can set up and install the BW into your gun along with the battery a night or two before the game.
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  16. Dragonfury

    Dragonfury New Member

    I got two from the black friday deals and it arrived in a very timely manner. Very easy to set up the burst count you want with easy to read instructions. Thank you Kong
  17. Xander Bolanos

    Xander Bolanos Member

    Sioux City
    great review and that battery look familiar
  18. 703

    703 Active Member

    :( I didnt win.
  19. Just5cents

    Just5cents New Member

    2 Questions

    1. The LV model, can the LV function be disabled so that I can still use full auto?

    2. Does this chip still improve the trigger response?

    Thank you all for your help! I am REALLY interested in one of these!
  20. Kong

    Kong New Member Supporting Member

    Temple City
    1) Yes, LV allows you to keep full auto. Just don't pull the trigger for the first 5 seconds after the battery is connected to the BW LV.

    2) Yes. LV works the same as version II to improve the trigger response.
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