Aeg motor???

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  1. nman976

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    I have a classic army m15a4 sport line and would like to upgrade it a bit. I will get a 6.03 barrel on it and get a scope, etc. I need to know what motor would be best for it. A know nothing about the motors on airsoft AEG's.
  2. TheAirsoftTech

    TheAirsoftTech New Member

    Depending on how much ROF or torque you want, a Lonex A1 (for balance) or an A2 ( for torque or speed.)

    Also, I recommend to upgrade your hop up before your barrel. Order of operation.

  3. Rusty34

    Rusty34 New Member

    If you just want to upgrade the motor, I'd just go with a normal motor. Since you have a sportline which has a fairly weak GB, a high speed or high torque motor could break it.
  4. shlunka

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    I would not throw a Lonex motor into a stock CA. You'll want to upgrade most of the internals to run most high-performance setups. First things first though, upgrade your hop-up, everything else is subordinate.
  5. CoppertopNeasg

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    A high torque motor will do no damage to a gearbox whatsoever if the gearbox is shimmed properly and aoe corrected. Even if those are not done it will only enhance trigger response and the rof will either stay the same or drop depending on the motor. This upgrade will also make your gun run more efficiently and quietly. You can achieve good results by simply flat hopping the stock bucking and making your own nub, stabilizing the barrel and hop up arm. You should also look up subordinate.