AEG Reminds You - Two Weeks Until OP:HOT ROD

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    Only two weeks until OP: HOT ROD

    Tell your friends: Go get new friends, and tell them too.

    Airsoft Entertainment Group (AEG), in conjunction with SplatBrothers Paintball Park in Hopewell, Va. will be presenting an Airsoft Operation at the end of November.

    Op: HOT ROD Nov. 24, 2012 09:00 – 18:00

    The Ukrainian Army has discovered that there is a terrorist element, The Sword of Allah, that has set up shop in Kiev. It will be the mission of the Ukrainian Army to hunt down The Sword, discover their plan, and then break The Sword! This will be an all-day, Big Boy Op; MilSim, with more focus on the execution of the mission, not the contents of your kit. You and your team must THINK; you will be fighting an indigenous force who is light and fast, willing to set multiple IEDs to slow your advance, then cut you to ribbons while you avoid his bombs. Terrorists; you will be fighting a group of hard charging Ukrainian Army soldiers, well trained and determined.

    This will be an all day Op; multiple missions, limited ammo loadouts (can only carry limited ammo per mission), squad restrictions (only one support gunner, etc.), "real world" medic rules, etc. This will be a big-boy Op for Airsoft Operators that want to take gameplay on the next level!

    So, feel free to ask any questions you might have, we want to talk to Airsoft Operators in the area to get your feedback. And spread the word; we want about 60-80 players for this first Op. If we can get the numbers, we can do games like this more often at SplatBrothers, as well as other places (we are always looking for new locations).

    Visit our website,, for the event and event details. You will also find the AEG Standard Ruleset; read, and ask questions. This is our first Op at SplatBrothers; there is little Airsoft in the area. Let’s show them what Airsoft is about!
    Thanks, let's make this happen! Check us out on Facebook at 6mm Designs, and we'll keep you up to date on all things Airsoft.

    Boss Hat Out

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