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    Now, before I'm attacked and labeled a bias, let me just say that this is with my experience and opinion of the big debate of AEG vs GBB. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Please, share it below. Just don't be mean about it.

    I've been playing airsoft for about a good four years. I've come to develop my take on the AEG vs GBB question. The way I see it, many factors have to be put in to really see which is better for which person.

    First off, are you a speed ball player or straight up milsim? If you are a speed ball kind of guy, you're probably going to go with an AEG for its high FPS. If you are a milsim, you are most likely going to go for a GBB for its kick and realisim.

    Secondly, what's the price range you're going for? What's your budget? AEGs are mostly a beginner's gun. They are cheaper and can start off in the $20 range (doesn't mean that a $20 gun is practical. I remember my first airsoft gun haha ohhh ****'s :) the moments we shared). GBB are usually more high end airsoft guns starting around $230 sometimes the weird price of $150. Price is really going to be a huge factor in this.

    Thirdly, maintenance. GBBs take a lot more maintenance than AEGs. Some people like this, some people don't. GBBs require you to clean your parts, use graphite, gun oil, ect. AEGs don't really need a cleaning like a GBB would. Sure you might have to do a check up on the gearbox and make sure everything is nice and peachy, but GBBs, like real steels, just have a lot of mechanical things that move and need to be check a lot more. Some people have no problem with keeping maintenance and don't find it a chore.

    Mechanical vs electric. So, let's say hypothetically and not really relevantly, an EMP knocks out all electricity. Well AEGs are out of the question and fried. Not that you'd use an airsoft gun in the case of homeland invasion, but it's safe to say that mechanical is easier to fix and just fix a part than fixing a fried circuit board or having to have knowledge on electronics. I could throw my KWA PTR LM4 (really truly amazing gun I love and suggest highly) into the water and not have any worry what so ever of it shorting out because there aren't any electronics in it at all. If I were to toss my SR7 into the water I'd be a little worried. Yes, a lot of guns are water resistant but there is a 0% chance of something mechanical shorting out. GBB are just more rugged for terrain and nature than an AEG might be. Yes, GBB tend to break a bit more because more things are moving but this goes back up there with the maintenance. All GBB are a bit fragile, but only if you don't give it the proper check up.

    Those slight battlefield inconveniences are annoying. So let's say you are running around with an AEG and your batteries die. Well you would have to get your spare battery (if you brought one), open up our gun and put in the new one, and reassemble your gun. This could take a while, meaning you might get tagged or worse, lose the game. If you were using a GBB and your gas runs out, you have two options; get your other mag and start shooting again or get your green gas can and fill you may again (again, if you brought it). They both take a little time but for a GBB it's a little bit faster and might save the game. Also I've noticed my AEGs tend to jam more than my GBB. Jamming is pretty bad to happen in a firefight. Unjamming is nerve racking and annoying for everyone. In GBBs however bbs are more prone to breaking inside your gun. Jamming is a thousand times worse than a bb breaking for time wise. Yes, bb breaks can damage your hop up but again it all comes down to maintenance and knowing your gun.

    Ammo count is another huge factor in this, but it is going to matter what kind of airsoft you play. If you are milsim you probably don't care that you only have 30 rounds in your M4 because it's realistic. If you are a speed ball dude, you probably want to run around with 300 bbs and mow down everyone.

    In the cold GBBs don't really work. They also don't like to be shot sideways and upside down. With my KWA PTR though, it can do all of that because it's an amazing gun, but other GBBs don't do these things. AEGs don't have those problems so they do well for people that live in colder climate.

    Now, my personal preference, as you can probably see, I lean towards GBB. I like to feel a bit of kick. I like the realism of having to clean it and really take care of a gun as you should a real steel. I like that there are less serious battlefield problems with it. I like the realism of the ammo count. I like that I can do a lot to it in severe weather and still rely on it. I like that all I have to do is fill or swap mags to get gas and get back in the fight. Since I have a good gun, the shooting sideways and in cold weather problems don't really matter. I hope this helps you decide somewhat on what kind of gun you want. Just thought I'd share what I've seen and feel about GBB vs. AEGs. I've been playing so long, but I just found this app haha.
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    AEG for performance, GBB for milsim. Simple as that.

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    I live in a country that's cold or coldish 8months of the year. So AEG no matter what the scenario. If I were a Milsim player, I'd buy a TM with their new recoil shock system. Realism problem solved.

    My primary atm is an AK. Battery change takes me 10seconds and I actually had to do it last weekend defending a village from hostility in a domination game, was like a a slightly slower mag change if time wise.

    AEGs a beginner's gun? That's a terrible generalisation. If a GBBR was my first airsoft gun, then working with it would be as simple as I find working on the internals of an AEG now. The only reason all this stuff about GBBRs being temperamental floats around the internet is, guys with AEGs just tend to not be bothered having to adopt a completely new mechanical setup where all the countless hours they spent perfecting their gearbox skills go out the window.

    My 2 pence :)
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    Personally, I prefer the AEG. I live in a climate that will be hot one day and below freezing the next (stay away from Nevada, guys). I also enjoy working on the gearboxes. It just satisfies my mechanical itch. Also, at the games I play, everyone uses AEGS (save for some snipers) so bringing a GBB would be putting myself at a disadvantage.

    Honestly the main reason I don't use a GBB is the cost. I work at McDonald's and live on my own. There isn't too much free money in my pocket. At the end of the day, one has to live within their means.
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    I will admit that I have been tempted to buy a GBBR sometimes, but they are a bit too pricey for my taste, and doesn't work that well in the climate where I live. You say that your AEG's jam more often than your GBBR's? If your gun have any BB jams at all I would say that there is a serious issue somehwere in your setup that needs to be fixed. I have only once had a BB jam in any of my guns, and that was 100% caused by user error. I accidentally set the hop-up in my gun to the highest setting.

    "So let's say you are running around with an AEG and your batteries die." This never happens to me, never. You know why? Because I use high quality li-po batteries and make sure to fully charge them before a match. I would actually make sure to never drop my GBBR into a stream or lake, because the water may not damage it, but sand or other particles in the water can get into the mechanism and cause damage.

    I can absolutely see why GBBR's appeal to many people, they offer more realism, and the low capacity magazines and limited fire rate force you to play more tactically. I have only test shot cheap GBBR's, and I will admit, that even those cheap ones were fun to shoot with the recoil and clank of the bolt cycling. What you say about AEG's being a beginners gun is wrong, yes a stock AEG is more "plug 'n play" than a GBBR, but they also have a much bigger performance potential.
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    You think AEGs have integrated circuits? The vast majority do NOT have ICs that would be vulnerable to EMP.
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    First off this is bias because an opinion is always bias the only thing that is not bias is facts, cold hard facts. Opinions always lean towards the side you prefer never what you are against. Second I don't really think if an EMP went off I would be very worried about my AEG.
  8. Lefse

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    If it was a really nasty EMP, it might kill a mosfet unit, but that's just a quick rewire and your gun is back in action.
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    I didn't say an EMP was relevant to the debate. I was making the comparison of mechanical and electrical systems.
  10. CrimsonWolfAirsoft

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    I do like the things being brought up though. It adds to the discussion.
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    GBBs are only best if you are one of those people that loves to get as much realism as possible. It wont perform as well as an AEG.
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    I love my WE HK-416 GBB OB and I would never trade it in for an AEG because of the realism and mechanics similar to a real steel.
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    I concede GBBs require alot more maintenance. Whether that is a pro or con totally depends on the preference of the individual. The level of maintenance required on an AEG depends on the setup and performance and believe me, there are quite a few techs on this forum alone capable of achieving performances I personally have never heard of in the GBB world. Once again, just like the maintenance thing a person's view on extreme performance levels would also vary depending on their desire for realism.

    In most cases based on my personal experience, most electrical problems on a battle field would be caused by a solder joint coming off or a bad motor clip. Shorts can occur where the wiring job is inadequate. This can all be avoided by having good joints and adequate wiring lol I can't speak for those running mosfets as I don't, so my experience can differ from theirs.

    About the point on water resistance, I've played with my AEG on days that are pissing down hard and I just have never had a problem. There are plenty of swiss cheese like holes in my RIS handguard that my battery sits in and am yet to run into a problem.

    Can be avoided by running a good quality battery with a good capacity. They're quite cheap too.

    A competently maintained AEG using good quality BBs should never jam. The only time my gun has ever jammed on me is when I slipped on a rainy muddy day and mud got into my flash hider and the tip of my inner barrel. I wiped it off with my sleaves and single fired the gun twice which led the mud to be blown out. I continued with the round as normal and thoroughly cleared it all out in the safe zone after.

    Ammo count and the rest of your post is all down to the an individual's taste. AEGs can also be shot upside down and sideways which can be helpful when crawling or in tight spaces, also the occasional curling shot kills are pretty cool. A Milsim guy can claim curling shots is not realistic, well mate BBs arc unfortunately so in that sense you might as well pick up a real gun and stop playing airsoft.

    my 4 pence now :)
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    all I got to say is what YouTube people run? I seen tournaments been played I’ve friends who has played in tournaments for money and they require gbb or a simple modded aeg they don’t allow full auto aswell an if u look at YouTubers setups they all running gbb except for a few of them. If u keep it oiled an lubed u ain’t running into any problems an it depends on what gas you running in winter when it cold I prefer a gbb over a aeg. Aeg is fun aswell but yeah if u have it modded over the limits to airsoft rules at a field gg cuz u not playing there
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    I put a 400 round drum magazine on my GBBR.
    Solved most of my issues (except non-high fire rate).

    Also, most GBBRs run on propane, and there are different pressures of gas (green, red, black, etc.) that cover varying temperature ranges. And AEG batteries are susceptible to temperature, too: cold = less charge, hot = boom.