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    What do you experienced airsofters have to say on the matter of AEPs? I just got one, and I think it's AWESOME. That said, i'm a newb. I like that you don't have to buy gas, and that it's got a great full-auto fire rate. I also like the idea of dual-wielding, even though your accuracy is reduced by 1000% and you will likely be instantly smitten. The battery life kind of sucks, and you can't plug it in to a smart charger, so those are some downsides. The pistol that I got is here: Airsoft Megastore - CYMA Airsoft Full Metal Gearbox CM030 AEP

    What do you all think?
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    Wow, I've been looking for one of these.
    When I first got into airsoft most of my friends had this, some had 2. It was a nice gun with a pretty good full-auto setting. For CQB it worked perfectly. Never got a chance to use them outdoors.
    but yes, the cons you mentions are correct, battery life isn't the greatest, and it can't be used with a smart charger
    I personally like the magazine, it's not one of those thing crap plastic mags like alot of plastic pistols, there is some reinforcement in it. Plus extra mags aren't hard to find.
    The gun itself is usually sold out everywhere though.

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    A friend of mine has one of those (although it might be the actual TM one). I can say that it is surprising accurate at low --> mid range and stings like a bi*ch when hit :p.

    Also as long as you can fork out the bit extra cash to buy one or two extra batteries, you don't need to worry about that. The batteries are so thin that you can fit two easily into a spare ammo pouch/a random pocket for backup.
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    I have the TM G18c AEP. I use it because in cold weather gas guns do not work. Living in New England it sees a lot of action from Oct/Nov to Mar/Apr. The TM AEP's hop up is very nice and it does have surprisingly good range and accuracy from a gun shooting 215 fps. Its a reliable weapon and I have no lack of confidence in drawing when i have to.