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    Mods, if this the wrong section, please don't kill me I value my life.
    I love aftermath guns, I have a m4 from them. Amazing gun, not amazing costumer service though. I emailed them asking about a pistol grip for the m4, at first they had no clue what the pistol grip was, then told me it was molded to the lower receiver. Which its not. Today I emailed them asking which way th threads run on the flash hider, and they said it is molded on there. once again it is not, i'm pretty sure you don't put a hex screw in the flash hider for fun.
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    OP you may want to do a review about this company. Are you trying to warn others about Aftermath or ask questions? Just saying.

    I can tell you that they probably don’t sell spare parts like pistol grips. You’ll want to buy those from bigger companies like redwolf and evike. I dunno if clandestine does external parts or if they’re only internal, but you may check there as well.

    As for the flash hider, you might check youtube. Aftermath isn’t that popular of a brand, but if you’re lucky, you may find a video on how to remove the flash hider. I’m betting that it’s counter clockwise, though. Just take a hair dryer to it then try to twist it off with some pliers.
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    Aftermath is the distributor. They don't make the product.
    It's not suprising that their CS wouldn't know specifics of the product...
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    Im pretty sure aftermath isnt TM compatible either.
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    Depends on the gun. They're basically a Echo-type company.
    I know their M14 is originally CYMA. Gearbox had the stamp and all.
    I believe one of their M4s is also JG if I'm not mistaken.
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    A&K I believe I know their AK is also a cyma and their mp5 a cyma as well.
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    Counter clockwise. I got it of but scraped some paint of the barrel in my vise:eek:
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