AGM Full Metal M16-A4 Rifle Airsoft Gun

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Jaejin, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Jaejin

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    This gun will be $113 with an additional coupon. (
    Does anyone have any experience with this gun or any of the guns from AGM?
    I'm probably going to get this but I want to hear other opinions.
    I'm looking for a field AEG. My max is $120 with shipping. Brand doesn't matter.
  2. Dillon831

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    Santa Cruz
    I just bought this gun at the beginning of December from ASGI and it was probably the worst money I had ever spent. I wanted a project gun, but this thing is completely unusable.
    The metal is the cheapest and weakest feeling metal I have ever felt. The plastic quality is terrible and it wobbles all over. The hand guard wobbles and the stock splits in two pieces and won't stick back together so there is a crack running down the stock that is really bothersome. The wires of the gun are so brittle that I thought it was a joke and the gears are very very light and cheap feeling.
    I would rate this gun a one star out of five. I'm not an airsoft gun expert or anything, but I know when something is really bad. This gun is really bad. In the end what I ended doing was taking the entire thing apart and putting it in a large bag, because I really don't feel like looking at the piece of garbage. It's not even worth upgrading because EVERYTHING on it would need to be replaced to have something nice.

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    Go on you can get free shipping on any order over $100 an certain company's you can get 2 free mags for $5 if your gun is a g&g, jg, matrix, and there's a bunch of other deals avalable.