AGM M14 spring project

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    Currently I have an AGM m14 because I love the m14 but I wanted a spring gun, i want to make it like a sniper, all internals of one but be a spring m14 with a straight pull bolt(like the king arms blaser r93) I was wondering if anyone can give advice on what parts to use


    Bottom gun is the m14

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    The only person I know that upgraded a spring M14 is username94. And he said that its mostly do it yourself mods and that even after those it was hardly a good performer. Wait for him, he should be able to give you advice.

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    Why don't you just upgrade the sniper rifle. You will have to put hundreds into custom parts to make that M14 field able.
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    If you want an M-14 sniper rifle, don't use that one. You will need to buy an electric one such as a CYMA or G&G and go from there.
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    I recently took my spring m14 apart. It is a pia to put back together. Two screws would not even. Come out. But it does seem upgradable.
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    The screws aren't much trouble for the most part except for the rear sight. Its not really compatible with any TM parts. You can do a lot of teflon air seal mods, like around the barrel where it meets the hopup chamber and the air nozzle. I also had to cut a new bucking to fit the size of the one in the gun. I had to get a really soft one because the hopup isn't too great. As far as barrels I was able to put in a jg 6.08 stock barrel. Increased the fps and accuracy a little. Its not too easy but its not too hard. It takes a lot of time and correct fitting though. And in the end my gun was too powerful for itself and the hopup chamber and trigger sears cracked. Impossible to replace unless you buy a new one.

    With my mods it wen't from shooting 225 fps with .25's to 278-290 with. 25's. The accuracy went from hitting a man sized target at 125 feet and dropping to hitting one at 165 feet and dropping, Which isn't much of a sniper rifle....
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