Agm m4 full metal ris socom

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    Hello, I was looking at the AGM M4 FULL METAL RIS SOCOM. Reason being is I need a decent gun that is around $150. I found this gun to be the best bang for your buck. I just have a couple of problems about it. Now, trust me, I did my research and I couldn't find anything about it. First of all, the battery. I'm not sure if he battery is in the RIS or its in that stupid laser thing. My second problem, that is of lesser importance is if it is capable of attaching a different stock to it. The reason for this is because I would like a crane stock, instead of the standard 6 point stock. If you are going to recommend a completely different gun, please take the following into consideration. I would like a full metal, M4, with RIS and if possible, a price range around $150. You can find the Airsoft GI link here: