AGM MP001 bolt action rifle

Discussion in 'Sniper Rifles' started by shawnpassessio, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. shawnpassessio

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    I really need some sniper pro help. I want to make my gun shoot at a greater distance and have better accuracy. I can buy heavy bbs but with the power it has right now it won't do much good. .25s are working but it's just not what will get me the reach and accuracy I need. I play a lot of field games so distance and accuracy are key although fps would be nice to keep up with it. Please help me with an upgraded list that will fit my gun and also what spring to use. Right now it's just about 300 fps with .25s
  2. Dickens75

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    Get rid of the Gun, horrible manufacturer, get a JG bar 10 or a TM VSR 10. Find upgrades that suit you

  3. Rushin

    Rushin Well-Known Member

    That, or the SD700 which is still a very cheap and poor choice, will actually be TM compatible.
  4. Dickens75

    Dickens75 New Member

    As long as you plan on upgrading, make sure it is TM compatible