Agm MP40 or Dboys Kar98k?

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by airsoftdude2121, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. airsoftdude2121

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    I've been working on a waffen SS loadout for awhile and it's finally time for the gun. So, what do you guys think? The AGM MP40 or DBoys Kar? I will be in CQB and outdoors, and I also want the loadout to be realistic. If you do your research the mp40 was rarely used by standard infantry. But I've heard some bad things on the kar like how it jams and the two-piece inner barrel (eww). I don't mind the shells by the way. So what do you guys think I should get?
  2. JakeBworth

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    Personally I would go with the AGM MP40. I used to own one and it is a pretty nice replica. The externals are decent for the price range and stock performance is good enough to compete with most stock AEGs. Mid cap magazines are also cheap. I remember paying $5 per 40 round mag back in 2008.

  3. Ehudakineyah

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    I would get the AGM MP40 over the DBoys K98 by far. And I have both at the moment.

    AGM is less prone to breakage. And is pretty reliable. Mags are cheap, and you can mod TM mags high caps if need be, not sure if they finally came out with high caps yet

    The DBoys k98 is more of a collectors piece and wall hanger. Shells wear out fast and jam. Shot consistency is horrid. Gun is made just for a cool factor.

    AGM MP40 or STG44 for the functional field AEGs guns. For this side of the war lol.

    Minus the US/Allied stuff lol Thompson, BAR, Bren, Garand, M1, Grease and so on.

    For the Kar98, only the tanaka versions are the great bolt action guns. Great range and accuracy. 10 rounds mags.
    Or if you can find the KTW or Sun Project brand K98's from a longtime ago. Theyre Pretty good K98 replicas. Wood rifle stocks and plastic. And spring. Consistent. And should be left stock lol.
  4. The Fox

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    A little village in Europe
    AGM mp40 or AGM StG

    Forget about Dboys 98k's, shoots horrible and picking up cartridges all the time is annoying(you'd have to buy quite a few aswell).
    The Dboys 98k is, in the group where I play, only used as a donor gun in which people install Bar internals. Works quite good but it requires modding.
    The only other 98ks that are worth anything are Tanaka's or maybe G&Gs but my experience with that last brand is limited.

    Forget about KTW aswell, wallhanger only, overpriced in that range seeing as you can buy real ones for much less, purely for countries were you cant have real guns.

    Only other option would be an eastern front German look with a PPsh, where you can choose between a couple brandfs like S&T and ARES.
  5. bal1

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    Agm mp40 considering the quality of dboys is sub par on most of thier guns.

    SJNAGY New Member

    Personally I think the mp 40 would do the best even that mainly NCO officers used it but ow you want a 98k I would suggest a tanaka gas version it's way more expensive but you will have a good sniper if you want no shells and way better range and accuracy
  7. airsoftdude2121

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    Thanks everyone for the input, I'll get the mp40.