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  1. Derick Y Thompson

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    Looking to sell my airsoft guns/equipment as I no longer play and hope they can find someone new that can put them to good use!


    Used - Fair

    A collection of airsoft guns and accessories in varying conditions. The list price ($200) is for the whole lot.

    -1. AGM Full Metak MK416 RIS Airsoft Gun AEG with Crane Stock: Comes with 3 spring mags, 1 auto mag, a red dot sight, 7 stack 1.5v battery (10.5v total), and 8 stack 1.4v battery (11.2v total).

    NOTE: rubber encasement has broken off the crane stock and safety is stuck on semi-auto (can be fixed) 10.5v battery need ends put back together (easy fix): $100

    -2. Thompson M1A1 Electric Full Metal Airsoft Rifle: Comes with one mag & 2 9.6V batteries.

    NOTE: no problems with this gun, works as intended: $100

    -3. Well Airsoft Scorpion Vz61 Electric Gun R2C: Comes with Drum and stick mag

    Note: The battery is dead a new one is needed and the traditional metal folding stock is missing. $50


    -4. Spring Pistols:

    -1a. 1x Colt M1911A1 Spring Airsoft Pistol: Comes with 2 mags- $10

    -1b. 1x Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special 45 Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol: Comes with 1 Mag- $5

    -1c. 10x UKARMS M777s 6mm Airsoft Pistol: Comes with 1 mag Each- $5 per or $40 for all.

    -5. CYMA M3 SWAT team airsoft shotgun:

    NOTE: Stock is broken from the body but still loads and shoots fine. $5

    -6 AK47 Spring mag (I believe) $5

    Misc accessories ( BB's, binoculars, speedloader, helmet, goggles, etc)

    Negotiable cost 20210929_142913[1].jpg 20210929_143009[1].jpg 20210929_143021[1].jpg 20210929_143031[1].jpg
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  2. richman992

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    You open to shipping this stuff? Interested in the scorpion

  3. Derick Y Thompson

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    Yeah, we can definitely look into shipping options.