Airsoft at Paintball Command - Sunday November 18th

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    Open game Sunday, November 18th at Paintball Command in Mandeville, LA. *Games will consist of Attack and Defend, CTF, and/or Search & Destroy missions. *

    Where: Paintball Command, Mandeville, LA. *Directions can be found here ->

    When: Sunday, 18 November 2012

    Time: We will be meeting at 9am. (The field opens at 8:30am in case you want to get there early and take care of paperwork.) *The first game will be around 9:30am if everyone is present and geared up. We will play till everyone is tired (mid to late afternoon).

    Cost: $15

    Important Information:
    1) *Waivers are required. All waivers prior to March 1st 2012 have expired. To save a bunch of time, print one off, fill it out, and bring it with you. *The waiver can be found on the website.

    2) Players who are 10 to 13 years old must have one adult player chaperone. *

    3) Paintball masks are required for all players and can be rented ($4) if anyone needs one. *Barrel covers are also required - no plastic muzzle plugs (or gym socks).

    4) We will be using Airsoft Louisiana Rules of Engagement. *Rules can be found here -> . *Guns will be chronographed prior to play using 0.2g BBs.

    5) Biodegradable BBs are required. *If you need them, they can be purchased at the field. Paintball Command has a good supply of biodegradable bb's from Matrix, Elite Force and Boival in .20, .25, and .28 gram.

    6) No other simulation weapons (i.e. hand grenades, mines, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, etc.) are allowed without prior approval by Paintball Command staff.

    7) Make sure you have your AEGs and pistols in some sort of gun bag, sack, pillow case, garbage bag, box, etc. when moving your gear from the parking lot to the staging area. *

    Noteworthy Notes:
    - Restrooms, vending machines, and a concession bar are located in the Registration Trailer.
    - Water is available on-site.
    - There are fast food joints and a Winn-Dixie 1.5 miles south of PBC, at the intersection of Hwy 59 and I-12
    More info on Paintball Command, you can visit their website at