I have uncovered a treasure chest of AIRSOFT rifles, pistols wearable stuff, pellets and cases along with a few miscellaneous things like 2 battery chargers, 1 battery (new to test guns), metal target and magazines with three being extra capacity. The tactical vests are one size fits all and are totally adjustable. The pant and shirt are size small as is the helmet. There is also extra googles and a metal lower face shield which is not pictured.

three nice, metal pistols spring pistols and three plastic spring pistols, but the WE F226 is a gas blowback, and the other is a CO2 BB .177.

Altogether if you were to buy all of this new it would be well over $1500.

Priced for one lucky person to buy all and then do what you want, either keep it all and be able to have a small-scale field battle or sell parts to make back some cash or resell it all and cash out.