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Discussion in 'Florida Airsoft Forum' started by Davewmehok, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Davewmehok

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    Im in the proccese of making an airsoft field in madison al comment if you would play at it. It has 4 fiields and a pro shop.
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    S. Florida
    This is the beginning of an utterly pointless thread. Let's try to fix it before it goes down the drain.
    What type comments are you looking for? Obviously if you build a field you'll get some players
    Are we talking indoor or outdoor field?
    What type landscape will it be? Do you have pictures, because that would be awesome
    Which airsoft rules will you be following, Florida, Georgia, the accepted Tennessee rules, or an adaptation of all of them?
    How much land does the field cover?
    Is it fenced in? IF the field licensed AND insured?
    When do you expect it to open?
    Are you working along side a retail store or is this a "solo" project?
    Tell us about the pro shop?
    Will we be able to rent guns?
    Will the pro shop have a large variety of weapons and gear or just a few of this and a few of that?
    Is it in Madison, or the Madison area?

    You've gotta give us some input or I'm gonna be forced to close this thread like so many others.