airsoft fields in Utah?

Discussion in 'Utah Airsoft Forum' started by GhilliedNinja, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. GhilliedNinja

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    Ok, correct me if im wrong but I believe there is one in Provo but Ive never actually seen a airsoft field in Utah only paintball...
  2. Airsoftr13

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    There are no "Offical Fields" in Utah. Most of the teams and organizations play on land that they obtained permission from the owner to play on. If you want to play with some teams check out Black Thorn Airsoft (BTA) or Just For Fun Airsoft (JFFA). Both welcome walk ons and are pretty cool dudes to play with.

  3. SergentDeathJack

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    Rock Port
    well im down in price, utah and well i dont know about places to play around here but there are a few good spots down by the shooting range and what not to play on or way up by the mountains is a few nice places to play or by some of the off road tracks there is some nice places to play granted dont know of anyone around here that plays airsoft which kind of sucks but been asking people around work if they play or know anyone that plays and since there are some old unused buildings around town our on the outskirts of town was tempted to talk to the police department and city and see if those could be used to play airsoft in maybe i dont know depends how many people i could get and what not and if there was enough people around here was trying to work out a deal with echo 1
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    West Jordan
    I think there is one in sandy Utah and ownd by Weapon blender me and our team are going to go soon and check it out
  5. Demosthenes

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    There is a place in St. George call Deadland Airsoft. Look them up on google or on facebook
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    Airlift fields

    Hey I'm new to airsoft and I was wondering where a local field is for me to start at. I have a sniper rifle so the place would need to allow it. If there is any place in Utah that is just a good friendly place that would be great so if you could let me know that would help a lot. Thanks!
  7. Chucky_BAR

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    Places to play

    There are organized games put together by several teams almost every weekend here in Utah. Your going to want to look at "Utah Airsoft" page on Facebook. Most of the weekly events are posted there.

    You may also want to look up and join some of the local team pages as well. Black Angels Recon, BOE Airsoft (Black Ops Elite), BTA (Black Thorne Airsoft) are a few of the larger teams in the Salt Lake/Ogden area.

    Games are held at a variety of public "fields" that are legal to play at. They range from Ogden to Provo and out in the West desert as well.
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    Im going to update this thread..

    Check out it is in salt lake. they just relocated and from what they say, its bigger than the original 40,000 square foot arena.

    wepon blender closed their doors permanently last week. However, tactical airsoft is still around.

    For those interested inpaintball, Paintball addicts will be opening their new field very soon. It has two outdoor fields and from what i hear, they are pretty big.
  9. 1InfinateAirsoft1

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    MilSim city is an indoor field in salt lake.