Airsoft Game Preparation (leave behinds) picture thread

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    So the point of this thread is quite simple. Whenever you go to a big airsoft game, what stuff do you leave behind off the field?

    Here is mine (some stuff in the picture are things I take to the field, I will only name what I DON'T take):


    - 5,000 .20g bbs (soon to be .25s)
    - .28g bbs
    - emergency cheapo black .25g bbs.
    - co2 canisters
    - 2 wired to deans chargers
    - non-petroleum oil
    - mini scissors
    - duct tape
    - electrical tape
    - tamiya to deans converter
    - pliers
    - hammer
    - 16 and 22 gauge wire
    - hex wrench sets
    - screwdriver set
    - mini screw assortment bag
    - small m16 parts bag
    - deans connectors
    - aeg springs
    - soldering iron (not pictured [was currently in use])
    - all contained in a black gun bag

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    I'm not sure what this post means - you are really listing what you don't take?

    That list is almost infinite, isn't it?

    And what do you mean by 'big airsoft game'?

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    I see the point you're trying to make; in that you go to a game not knowing what to bring. So, you bring it all. I'd be more interested to see what you did use as well.