Airsoft Games 9/23/12 PALM BEACH COUNTY

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    Hey everyone I'm a little new on here thought I'd post up an event for this sunday for those of you who can make it there will be our usual Airsoft meeting at Hotshots Paintball located at:

    16169 Southern Boulevard Loxahatchee, FL 33470 (561) 798-4717

    I have been playing here since 2005-2006 the Referees are usually dunces' so expect to pay for a "Barrel Sock" and have your guns Chrono'd Field limit on Autos is 380FPS and 500FPS for semis. Stick with us and you'll have a good time we record every game on camera so you will wind up on youtube at some point and we will be hosting a few objective games as well as MIL/SIM games.
    My team Bravotactics will be there check out our videos on youtube at:

    Will be submitting pictures of the field and more video links after sunday if possible ill keep this thread up and continue to post our weekly activity on the field. Thanks guys if anyone would like to RSVP PM me or post below.
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    S. Florida
    Hot Shots chrono's now??? Since when???

    Often if you get a good size group of mature respectable guys, they'll let YOU make your own games

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    Yes unfortunately they annoy everyone and walked around with a "multi-chrono" off their paintball chrono which is pointless and ask everyone to chrono every gun. And yes if you stick with my crew and the guy we play with we make our own games and have a kick *** time playing come join us out there.