Airsoft IED's: DIY

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    Make your own IED for less than 10 bucks. You need a 1 qt. empty paint can with lid ( Lowe's, Home Depot): a key chain alarm; some duct tape, a tent stake and some clear fishing line.

    Paint the can to camo. Drill a hole in the bottom for the fishing line to pass through. Coat the edges of the hole with epoxy or tape so the fishing line doesn't get cut. Hook the fishing line on one side of a road or path, a few inches off the ground. Run the line across and feed it through the can bottom. Attach the line to the ring on the alarm. Duct tape the alarm to the lid of the can and press it on the can. Hide the can in the ground or stake it down.

    When someone trips through the 'wire', the pin is pulled from the alarm, setting it off. When they hear the alarm, they are 'dead'. To disarm the alarm, pull the can open and put the pin back in.

    No one gets hurt. Can be reused endlessly. Makes a good trip wire alarm to cover your '6' if you are defending a position or working from a sniper hide.

    No, it does not blow up, no smoke comes out of it, but for the cost of one
    co2 mine that puffs some corn starch a few feet in the air, you can make several of these.