Airsoft inner barrel durability?

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by Inceptor57, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Inceptor57

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    I hear in real steel, barrels have a estimate round count before they wear out and need to be replaced

    Does this apply to airsoft as well on the inner barrels? Seeing as thousands of bbs fly through them, will there come a time where I will have to get a new inner barrel because the old one lost its touch on the inside walls?
  2. Col1500

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    I don't think so, RS is metal on metal contact, while airsoft is plastic on metal contact, so as long as you keep your barrel clean it should wear out. This is in theory of course.

  3. L5132

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    Nope, especially since airsoft barrels have smooth bores. And as Col1500 said, it is plastic on much harder metal.
  4. Mystery43_4

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    Yes, certain barrels will wear out over time. These barrels usually have a coated bore, wether it's PTFE coated, or what have you.

    Sometimes barrels made of softer metals like Aluminum, or Brass will need to be replaced. It is usually from damage though, as even softer plastic can damage them...

    Now most SS barrels like The Prommy EG line up probably won't need to be replaced under normal conditions...