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  1. Snipermike

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    Ok so I have been thinking and airsoft isnt really all that popular though it is becoming more popular than before dont get me wrong. There are teams and stuff. But nothing is really organized. There should be minor leagues (State Leagues) where all the teams in that particular state are put in a bracket and stuff. There should be at least 10 teams per state and I understand for smaller states maybe only 5-8 teams. But large states like Texas should probally have around 20 or more. All these teams register into the state leagues and the league sets up the games,tournaments,and even playoffs and a championship. Basically a full season. Then their should be Major Leagues (regional leauges) where teams that sign up throughout the entire Region (such as North East) play each other. And do the same thing. We need to put airsoft together and organize it. What da u think? How could be start this.
  2. maddmatt

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    Personally, I have been thinking of this for years, but unfortunately due to the nature of the sport, there is no real way of regulating airsoft. As you know, it is an honor based sport, and unfortunately, we all know there are many who do not play with honor. No calling hits, and so on. Now, there can be a strict list of qualifications, but that would drastically reduce the amount of players to pool from. I would be happy to help you research and try to further this idea, but I really don't have much hope for it to go to the level that paintball once was.

  3. TheFallenHero

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    Yea theres just no way to exactly say if you were hit or not. I mean would could make people play in there underwear. Im sure they would call out then lol.

    With paintball you get a clear color confirmation.

    Because of the caliber ammo we use you couldnt even make paintballs for these guns. They do make them but there is probably like 1 drop of paint in them. Not enough that you would ever be able to find it.
  4. PistolsAndMP5s

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    That would be pretty cool if they were somehow able to mount miniature cameras on the players guns and stream it to an iPad. And maybe require the use of a tracer unit so the refs can see the "HITs." This is probably not probable though.
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    I think a league like an organized list of who plays who and when would be cool so I could plan my work week around games and request off. --if I were to get onto a legit team--
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    I started one in Tyler tx I have 8 people and also I played cqb today like 50 min ago we started at 1:00 and I went 13-2 upgraded echo 1 xcr kjw p226
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    I have a team of 15 to 16 people if anyone is looking for a team please message me. We allow all woodland patterned or od green loadouts
  8. ShaneDiMaria

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    I think it's a good idea but they could make something that can confirm you got hit
  9. mikejosephman

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    Medieval England
    The technology is there to mount a network of sensors on just about every inch of a vest, chest rig or plate carrier.

    I noticed maddmatt and felt nostalgic haha. PAM you said probably not probable lol.