Airsoft Megastore (B)

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    Based on my experience with AMS here are the pros/cons.

    -fast shipping (once you place your order it's packed very quickly)
    -cheap prices to begin with
    -amazing holiday deals
    -warranties. Most of my products have come with a 45 day warranty and I heard they have a special 100 day warranty for some holiday items.

    -fast shipping. This is a pro and a con. They get it off the shelves and into a box with your name on it fast, but they don't test the gun before they send it to you (unlike Airsoft gi)
    -infrequent/not-so-good coupon codes.
    I haven't seen a nice coupon code from them besides the boneyard ones in awhile. I don't want a free piece of plastic that you call a shotgun, I want 15% off.

    Overall, I really wish AMS had coupon codes like GI, and had the product testing like GI. I give it a B. I haven't had any problems yet, so that's good.