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    I have heard a lot about airsoft megastore, that it has a huge airsoft selection and that they have good quality airsoft stuff for a fairly cheap price and that many people like them because of that. But my one of my friends told me that airsoft megastore have been known to take peoples credit card numbers and use it themselves or something like that. Is this true?
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    I have never heard of that, but I do avoid AMS due to their shady business practices and horrible service.

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    Usually, sites like evike or airsoftmegastore have it set up so that at checkout, your CCN aren't saved or stored, so that ASMS employees can't steal them. I had a problem similar to this with Kapowwe, and I thought they had charged my card multiple times, but they said it isn't possible, CCN are ran through and that's it.

    Chances are if you were to email ASMS they would tell you the same thing...