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    We all were once noobs at airsoft and for some of us still are. This may not apply to all of us but you probably know someone who helped you get more into the game, like a mentor. When you first started playing at more "professional" events he/she helped you. Instead of running into the open and going "Rambo" he taught you tactics. Post your story of that person. I'll go first:
    I usually messed around with my friends when it came to airsofting, but then we decided to go to the local airsofting field. To put it lightly we were intimidated, like seeing true airsofting for the first time. I remember when I first met Patrick. He had a m249 with a grenade launcher, full acu load out, and Army of Two mask. the occupants were split into two teams and we started. During the duration of the fight I was shot to many times to count, while I kept seeing Patrick alive and racking up kills. I decided to follow him the next match and slowly learned that you do not need to run around to have fun. Also the using tactics isn't always boring and is actually fun when executed correctly. Needless to say me and Patrick started airsofting more often. He helped me pick what gun I wanted next, advice on parts, how to upgrade my guns, etc. Patrick is a great guy and without him I do not know if I would be where I am today.
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    The friend who introduced me to airsoft was my original mentor. I bought a Mafia230 SMG springer off of him and he showed me how to take it apart, do maintenence and such. We played a bunch of skirmishes, and since I was already heavily involved in Military tactics through Civil Air Patrol, I beat him more times than not. He showed me that the game wasnt about winning but about staying alive, and when he tought me this, I really became a serious airsofter.