Airsoft Players in the STL area

Discussion in 'Missouri Airsoft Forum' started by fodgeusmc2006, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. fodgeusmc2006

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    Looking for airsoft players in the ST. LOUIS, MO area to play some airsoft with. I have 30 acres out in the country i have been inchen to get a couple dozen players out there, and run some OPS. All wooded, creek bed, very hilly, and alot of natural bunkers. If anyone has a team, or has an opening for a team hit me up on my email..... [email protected]. Peace
  2. Dragan

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    On the other side of STL

    I'm on Illy side of st louis. Actually I'm stationed at Scott AFB. How far our are you from STL? I'm rounding up a couple more people here, but the won't be ready till Feb to buy gear and guns. I am also come off and sportsman groin surgery from Oct. We are not rely looking for a tea... yet. We have our military obligations that takes priorty. We want to have fun before going balls deep. I have some exp from growing up in airsoft as it got known, but hasn't played in almost 10 years. The other guys has never stepped into airsoft.

    Hit me up if you want to chat about it.

  3. Turbinraper

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    Im in the Lou and looking for people to play with. Everyone Ive found is either exclusive or 14. Let me know