Airsoft Raging...when players switch teams on their own

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    new york
    Am I the only one that rages and rants during the games....? i apologize later but can't take it when players do stupid stuff. in this game some of the guys start jumping to the other team, on their own.. leaving us with half the players. I can't help but say something and i get pissed.... check it out and let me know if i was wrong....


    I just feel that things like this will not help our sport grow.... player will not have fun getting swarmed by big teams and not play as much; new players might think this is how it is and feel like not becoming involved in our sport; and others might think this is how this facility, SFS, operates..which is not true because the owner and most of the staff i know would not put up with this if they knew it was going on...
    we need to keep this sport growing... it is better for all of us....
    Semper Fi
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    did you ever get a headcount? Everytime my team has played we have either been outnumbered or we get the little kids. We look at it as a compliment that the other side needs more people or older guys to try to compete with us.
    If you switched teams without the refs permission around here you get warned. do it twice you get booted for the night and more than that your banned for a week and so on

  3. jarhead88

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    new york
    no head count but the team i was left with was everyone I came with. (a friend and friends of my kids) there was at least 6-8 other players on the team earlier. it was on some of the other videos...
    The refs won't know unless someone says something...
    i get the compliment thing and that is great your team has a bunch of good players, that is awesome.
    these guys just jumped to be together.... they should have swapped players and kept the teams even.. but i did rack up the kills hahaha
  4. 703

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    I've never had this issue where I play. I can see how it would get annoying. Being out numbered sucks but at least it's more people to shoot.

    Edit : So I watched the video a little more and what they were doing is just wrong. You can't just all of a sudden say your joining our team in the middle of gameplay. Maybe if one team is destroying the other team and you are trying to balance it out but otherwise it just confuses people.

    IMO the refs were not doing there job... They shouldn't have allowed it to happen. Even if they didn't know they should have checked when you said something.
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    As always good video and great music. As was said, the refs need to do a better job watching the players. You weren't out of line at all. I admin out at my local CQB facility and I love it when players being this kind of stuff to our attention, because no matter how good the admins are, stuff slips through the cracks, we can't watch everyone at the same time, so we need the players to help out and bring stuff to our attention. Good on you for doing that!

    As a side note, what kind of camera do you use?
  6. TysonY2

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    Your ranting was more than reasonable, it's one thing if they're evening the teams, but if they're that butt hurt about not being able to play with their buddy they should either give and then take players, or just sit out the round. I would have gone into a tug of war with that one kid as his buddy pulled him to the other team. Props for keeping your cool though
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  7. Rocky

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    You were in the right to rage. I personally would have been yelling at the people!
  8. jarhead88

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    new york
    thanks guys... going tomorrow night so we'll see how it is...... it did get me the opportunity to hunt for more people..haha
  9. Archer627

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    I feel compelled to go up to New York and dish out some pain after watching that. I also feel compelled to build a DSG to dish out that previously mentioned pain.

    Seriously though. What they did was absolutely terrible. This is why I hate playing at fields with a bunch of really young people.
  10. jarhead88

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    new york
    haha i am going tonight and i will dish out some pain for you.... this stuff usually doesnt happen but you never know....