Airsoft shipping woopsies

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    So, I purchased a few things from airsoftGI and Evike and had them shipped to my P.O. Box within a larger post office. Little did I know/forget that they were shipped by UPS. Now, here is the big question; Most people will tell you that UPS does not deliver to P.O. boxes, even some of the customer service reps will tell you this. UPS does have a program called "Mail innovations", where they hand the mail over to the USPS to deliver to me. I want to know if any of this nonsense it true. I've also been told that they hand the packages over to the post office, who puts a note in my P.O. box telling me I have a package to pick up. Can anyone shed some light on this subject? I've also heard that the UPS could put a slip in my box telling me to come pick it up....

    Here is the link to "mail innovations"