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    Ho has a sight for a ak74u
  2. Radar159

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    ?? What do you mean? and Swag, who says that? Only elementry kids

  3. Munishin

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    Don't hate on his swag level. But seriously though OP if you're asking about where to purchase one just check out the main retailers like Gun Nut linked. If you want to buy one used then make a WTB AD in the classifieds.
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    I think I'm gonna cry. This is the WORST way to ask a question. Your question, the way it should be asked:

    Who sells an airsoft sight for the AK74u?

    Its a rule to use correct grammar. So please, next time you want to use incorrect grammar, and not ask a question correctly, don't. Just don't.
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    I totally agree that correct spelling should be a rule. Although in his defense, he could be using the mobile app and sometimes when using the mobile app, the first letter you type (no matter what it is) will appear as just a space instead. Maybe he did not realize this and kept typing the rest of his thread. Or he is just too lazy to spell right which is a disgrace.
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    The method of text entry is unimportant, and every post has an edit option to go back and fix what was incorrectly entered.
    In an arena where communication is handled via the written word, it is imperative that the written word be entered in a manner consistent with proper grammatical protocols and mannerisms.
    This not only assists in the other members understanding of what’s being communicated, it also minimizes the need to ask for clarification in the event the reader can’t understand the Ops statement or question.

    What AK-74 do you need this for?
    Are you referring to optical sights or replacement iron sights?
    Do you have a rail to mount optical sights to?
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