Airsoft Team... how to?

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    Greetings fellow plastic slingers,
    I have been playing airsoft for about a year now. I got a little Crosman AEG for Christmas last year, and my interest in the sport and desire to get involved grew rapidly. I live out in the country, so we have lots of space to shoot and have operations and wars. Around 20 friends of mine have come to my house for wars and skirmishes, and we enjoy them a lot! We've been talking, and we think that it would be fun to have a team. My reason for coming here today, is to call upon you for a little bit of "fellow operator assistance". While I may not be the best player, I have nice gear (KWA KM4 KR12, Elite Force 1911 TAC, ect...), so I can compete with most guns and players today. I would like to know what it would take (and who to contact) on how to get sponsored, how to get recognized, and how to turn our "weekend warrior clan" into a full fledged team. Help appreciated from yours truly, - Groundhog Actual
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    There is no centralized organization that can recognize you as a team. Also, it is unlikley you will get sponsored right off the bat or even at all. A sponsorship will come to you if you have fame and noteriety, which takes time. A team in airsoft is usually just a grouo of guys who go to events together and on the more dedicated teams, train together.

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    Thank you for your insight. I will make sure to share it with my fellow trunk monkeys. :)

    -Groundhog Actual
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    I think another big thing is getting out of the back yard. Get out to bigger events. Legit fields. Both of which will help to get your names out there. Also going to local shops helps to. 1. It is good to support local business. 2. Local shops are more likely to hook you up if you already spend your $ at their store. But don't get into the mindset that it is going to be easy. Or that your going to get everything just handed to you.
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    1. The purpose of airsoft is to have fun.
    2. Fun is better with friends.
    3. Fun is even better when you succeed.
    4. Organization, teamwork, and leadership are required to succeed.
    5. Being an organized and well-led team is also fun.
    6. Goals are required in order to be organized and well-led.
    7. Set your goals clearly and realistically.
    8. Everyone on this team must be a good leader and a good follower.
    9. A leader must be willing to sacrifice for the sake of his team - For example, you really want to buy Call of Battle Ops 27: Toddler Warfare but your boys also really want to go to Operation: Stabbing Octopus two states away. You can't afford both. The choice is obvious - take your team to the event.
    10. Individualism must be sacrificed for the mission of the team to be accomplished. For example, you love AKs and think M4s are the worst, so you buy an AK. Everyone else runs M4s. In game, they're all dead and you're out of ammo, but you can't take one of their magazines because you have an AK.

    Teams are not easy. My advice is to study leadership training and what methods are used by the military and professional sports teams to keep a team organized and effective. Avoid drama. My current team is on hiatus because I offered to buy gear for guys that didn't have anything, and my 2nd got upset because the gear I chose for them (surplus LC2 and ALICE gear) didn't suit his fancy. The kicker - he already had everything he needed. He got upset because I chose to buy something he did not like as a gift to other players on my team. Be careful who you allow into leadership roles, as the number one thing that kills teams is drama.

    You will also need a considerable amount of money, time, and willpower if you're thinking you want to be the next RR, GMR (pls), or what have you. But that isn't my business, so I'm going to stay in my lane.
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