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Discussion in 'Scenarios & Milsim' started by Navy100, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Navy100

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    I was thinking about making a local team. Any name ideas?

  2. IceMan22

    IceMan22 New Member

    My team name is elimination airsoft you could use something lol tango down airsoft a unit name or even a mercinary team name
  3. ThatVintageGuy

    ThatVintageGuy New Member

    Honestly my team name is named after the Army operation my grandfather partook in. He was in Operation Deep Freeze in the late 50's and our team name is after his task force; Task Force 43. Though we have a story behind ours, it's still pretty common of a name (task force/mercenaries/AlphaBravowhateverotherarmylettersyoucanthinkof) Those are all very common. Come up with something original, like a phrase in Latin like Romanus et Domus or something. Just, if you do have a task force, make sure you have a story behind it that makes the team that much more interesting. As for acronyms with team players names, you'd be pretty much screwed if the team was comprised of the names Sam, Harry, Ian, and Travis. Also, make sure your team name is solid, impenetrable to any type of humiliation (I may be going a bit far, but what if you go into the championships, suck, and people use your team name against you).
  4. airsfter123

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    Ladera Ranch
    I suggest: T33M 1337 0per8tors
    It will show everyone where your priorities are at.
  5. Well, judging by your picture it seems like your into MILSIM operations. My team name is Black Forest Tactical. We have been training and training and training to go to operation Irene some time, but back to the point. A good name that I thought of was Sierra 1 Tactical.
  6. blackwood

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    Another thig you could do is use ancient roman or Greek squad names. Like my team, we are the Urbanae Cohorts or Urban Cohorts for short.
  7. Pirated

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    Los Angeles
    We liked Red Foxes...hmmm

    Red Fox Airsoft was taken.

    Rangers? Eh, okay.

    Red Fox Rangers?

  8. airsoftchrisL

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    ARKOZ, our team wanted this name but couldn't think of what it would stand for. But look at your team overall. Do you have a sniper, grenadier? All of these things can help you decide on your name

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  9. r_mank44

    r_mank44 New Member

    Red Fox Rangers is taken. Thats my teams name
  10. To_FLYYe_For_A_WhiteGuy

    To_FLYYe_For_A_WhiteGuy New Member

    1. The Tactical Timmy's
    2. So many bb's... So little time (SMBSLT)
    3. Big Boy Operators
    4. The del taco destroyers
    5. The milsim masqueraders
  11. cal450

    cal450 New Member

    When me and my friends made out team(F.A.M.E) we just used simple words.
  12. OrlandAirsoft

    OrlandAirsoft New Member

    Well my team being ww2 related is the 92nd Allied Assault Regiment or 92nd AAR for short, but we have plenty of other names we thought of, for example, Windy City Airsoft was one of them, out basic concept of picking a team name is take the nickname of a city, or even an animal or something, and then put numbers, and the following words; assault, armoured, airborne, infantry, then follow it up with; unit, regiment, or even battalion. For example:
    108th San Diego Assault Regiment. Or you could put on patches 108th SA.AR and then you could pick a catch phrase or quote you heard in a movie or TV show, such as defense is the best offense.
  13. FRSS

    FRSS New Member

    Anyone have the name Force Recon Supper Soldiers?
  14. FRSS

    FRSS New Member

    Force Recon Super Soldiers
  15. Noah_6

    Noah_6 Active Member

    It's cool, but seems overused
  16. Rushin

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    Yeah, I think I saw a clan of nine year olds going by that name on call of duty.

    Anyhow OP, you should pick a team name that describes your team. If you're a serious player and go to hardcore milsims you would be fine picking a serious name, if you play weekend pickup games with 4 people and your Condor PC, chances are a serious name will make it look like you're trying to be "hard."