Airsoft Team Training / Sponsorship.

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    Defense Tactical is located in Sparks Nevada. We recently moved from Wilmington NC. The owner is a Iraqi War combat veteran, served 2 tours in Iraq and 12 years in the U.S. Army Infantry (Resume and Proof of service available upon request in person).

    No one under the age of 16 please, and for those ages 16 and 17 we require parental consent and parental supervision durring all events.

    What we offer: (Pricing is Negotable)

    1: Tactical Movement (individual / Team )

    2: Team Cohesion / Team structure Training

    3: Team Adminstrative Counseling / Assistance

    4: Close Combat Battle (CQB) Training

    5: Defesive Operations Training

    6: Sponsorship (trial to be held / date TBD ). This is a "TRAINING FOR ADVERTISING" style sponsorship.

    Thank you, and above all else have fun and be safe!
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