Airsoft WiFi Points - Arduino + nRF24L01 (Capture points)

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    I offer programmed software for WiFi points, which communicate with each other, suitable for Airsoft, Paintball. The price is for software for 2 points that communicate with each other. - in theory, it can be extended to 8 points.

    Functional description and usage:
    • The system is designed for Airsoft / Paintball / Nerf Wars sports for Capture Points mode.
    • The system uses a pair of Arduino Nano for 2 points that players fight for
    • On each of the boards are two diodes, alarm (buzzer), WiFi modules nRF24l01, buttons for each team
    • One button is for Team 1 (blue team) and the other is for Team 2 (red team)
    • The team presses their button when cast, which changes the color of the point according to their team
    • If one team occupies both points, the detectors on both points will sound, the WiFi connection between the points will end, and the game is over.
    • For example, this can only mean the end of a round, or adding points.
    • In real time, both Arduins communicate with nRF24101 modules in the 2.4GHz band with a data rate of 250kbps, can be modified to 2Mbps (the maximum distance is reduced).

    Thanks to the nRF24l01 modules, it is possible to communicate between Arduins over huge distances over hundreds of meters in an undisturbed environment
    When using an external 12V / 5V power supply with YL-105 adapter, it is possible to communicate up to 1.1 kilometers - external power supply is required as the Arduino controller would not tighten the current peaks of the nRF24L01 module.
    Used hardware:
    • 2x Arduino Nano / UNO / Mega
    • 2x nRF24L01 with / without external antenna
    • 4x Buttons (2x for each point)
    • 4x LEDs (2x for each point)
    • 2x Alarms (1x for each point)
    When using WiFi modules nRF24l01 (marking without + PA + LNA) they communicate about 70-100 meters, nRF24l01 + PA + LNA also per kilometer, respectively in the forest and otherwise disturbed environment at the level of 200-400 meters. Both points are reset by resetting the Arduin button, or by pulling and plugging in the power.

    More about the project:
    Contact: [email protected]

    Price for project software: 20 €.
    The price includes:

    • 4x source code (for transmitter and receiver of WiFi points, tester of sending and receiving data - suitable for measuring distance, whether the points will communicate)
    • RF24 libraries included
    • Wiring diagram
    Just upload code to Arduino and play! :)

    Video - How is it working:

    Block scheme:
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