Airsoft Zombie Apocalypse

Discussion in 'Staging Area' started by Yargg, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. Yargg

    Yargg New Member

    Imagine if there was an air soft zombie apocalyptic world and the zombies where imune to real steel. Only could be killed with air soft. Where would you have your bunker? What's your plan? Who would you take with you?

    Il start this off ( probobley should have done this in the last post but I had to get to school.)

    I would bunker up in Walmart because all of the doors can be locked from the inside and there is plentiful food. My main plan would be to find fellow airsofters in the area to help me and each other out, expecialy when boarding up walmart. Anyone that has an airsoft gun is coming with me. Loved ones can come but better not slow me down.
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  2. marine121496

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    So you would kill your parents is they "slowed you down"?

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