Airsoftgunsexpress a realible airsoft website?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Storm88, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Has anyone have any experience Is it reliable?
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    It's ok but go with a site that says https://
    In the address, if it doesn't have the s in it it means that it is not secure and you could lose your money.

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    I was looking at this and all I could think was airsoftgun sex press and I was like da fuq?
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    Lol same here XD hahaha
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    That only really applies to the payment of funds. If the entire website has it, it's virtually a waste, unless you're paranoid about someone seeing what's in your shopping cart. It really only proves important when making a purchase, and the site utilized Paypal which is pretty safe.

    The site itself looks "home-grown", less than a year old.
    Everything is listed as being state-side, though I doubt it seeing as an Asian guy owns it.

    In short, new site, OP you're gonna have to place an order and see what happens. Paypal is pretty decent with disputes as long as you take the proper steps and fully and educatedly explain the issue. But I'm pretty sure this is a small local business looking to expand OR a garage-store ran from someone's home

    All the contact info on the site goes to either California, yet I found additional info that leads to New York, also connects to a place called Hobby Iron. So they may have a store in California, but items are probably shipped to the US then to your house.
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