AirsoftMegastore Boycott Plan

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Switchblaydes, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Switchblaydes

    Switchblaydes New Member

    As many of you know,
    AirsoftMegastore released a 'Scavenger Hunt' or a set amount of days to release extremely cheap (10% of retail price) airsoft guns/gear in order to receive a bunch of traffic to their newly released website. Days after, they decided to take it down - or illegally "bait and switch"ing. In anticipation for this sale, I've spent tons of hours looking through everything and making charts of what items are released at certain times - I know, a little obsessive. Now that they've completely taking it down, infuriating me and many others, I'd like to ask other people to stop buying from them in order to make a huge financial difference for them and make sure they notice what they have done.
    Besides, Evike and GI in my opinion have much better selections and prices.

    Hopefully if this is successful, Airsoft Megastore will re-upload their Scavenger Hunt and make us all happy again.
  2. Shiftyshooter

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    This is just stupid. Nobody made you spend so much time there.

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