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    i have decided to make the jump up to higher quality gear and had my heart set on a lbt 1961a chest rig replica (especially since an actual lbt one is upwards of 300 dollars :eek: ). i originally was going to order the flyye version from shootercb but for some reason my transaction could not be completed. i had been checking out airsoftsmith due to knief recommending them for pantac gear. i purchased a pantac 1961a, pantac one-point bungee sling, and a bag of ksc perfects .25 bb's - all of which came out to a grand total of $126 and some change. airsoftsmith advertises free ups shipping on orders $125 and up (which is why i added the bag of bb's). i placed my order on sept. 24 and i had my package on sept. 28...i've seen some people on here say that the website layout is difficult to navigate but i had no problem doing so, and i like how they list how many of each color they have in stock (in regards to tac gear that's available in several different colors - i don't believe i've seen any other sites do this). i am very pleased with this purchase and will be ordering from them again for sure.
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    Are they based in America? Or out of the country?

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