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Discussion in 'Company Reviews' started by ncore, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. ncore

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    I ordered the UTG upgrade kit for my l96.

    It got here on time, everything was in perfect condition, and I installed it successfully.

    I had no issues with the product or the airsplat company itself, but I do have a suggestion.

    This was the only thing I ordered, yet it came in a massive box big enough to hold a really big full facemask. A huge piece of crumpled up brown paper was the filler.

    I think airsplat could save a lot of money with shipping costs if they invested in padded envelopes. My product took up about 2% of the box. I believe I wasted some money on shipping with this, they could make it sooo much more affordable and easier to ship.

    Just a suggetion, take it as you want to
  2. mockingshot

    mockingshot New Member

    I have also had flawless experience with Airsplat. They just need more top brand guns like G&P and more gear selection and just a different website design because the one they have now sucks.

  3. AirSplat

    AirSplat New Member

    Great to hear!! That's wonderful!! We're always happy to hear positive feedback!

    Glad to hear as well!! Sorry to hear you don't like our website though. We've made sevearal improvements in the last few months, hope you've noticed. Thanks.
  4. dennisbeltran298

    dennisbeltran298 New Member

    I have been purchasing all of my airsoft gear from airsplat since 2008 and i have never run into any difficulties. Anything that did go wrong, airsplat did everything in their power to make it right with me. GO AIRSPLAT
  5. sr-25er

    sr-25er New Member

    Airsplat is amazing! I get all my gear from them. (Other than the stuff my dad gives me, he's a cop and he gives me his old gear) I always use their ammo. I used to use Walmart crap but airsplat bb's fly so much farther (same gram). And my guns don't jam using them :D thx a TON airsplat!
  6. bonnax

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    It works but it just looks pretty bad..
  7. Ratface

    Ratface New Member

    I give Airsplat a thumbs up. My sister and I have ordered several guns from Airsplat and have never had any problems with shipping or gun quality.