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    If anyone wants to have the updates on airsoft in RI then please join our AirSplat Army FB page :

    I am currently on the team: MLAMilitia and there is abount 10 of us. We are sponsored by AirSplat.
    Every member on our team has over 5 years of airsoft experience. My team plays at Stronghold Airsoft in Abbington Mass. The ride is 45 mins. away and its worth driving up there. We r willing to have new people join who are good at airsoft. When i tell you the level we are at playing, let's just say alot of us have polarstars.
    Loadouts we run: Multicam, Tan, OD
    We used to play at BattlegroundZ but the place is too small and the same 5 kids go there all the time. If anyone goes up to Stronghold let us know on facebook and take some screenshots/videos. those will be featured on our FB page.
    Team Youtube:
    We also need people to record doing gameplays, reviews, etc! To get the sport growing up here and keeping us active to get support from AirSplat! Out team will be holding raffles, giveaways at Stronghold and to know when, join FB group and subscribe to youtube!


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    I would be so honored to be on your team