Airsplat: The Horror!

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    I am not a satisfied Airsplat customer, partially due to a motor grip. Let me explain...

    Over the last two years, I've made three orders from them. The fulfillment staff forgot about half of the first order, and so I had to send a few emails to remind them. Not a good experience, but not terrible.

    Sit around the campfire and prepare your ears, for I shall now tell you the saga of the motor grip:
    In the second order I bought several items, including a KJW 1911 and a few external parts (including this Dboys motor grip, which was on a six-week backorder). Opened the box- found a KJW M9, instead of a 1911. Apparently their fulfillment service can't tell between two models of airsoft pistol, so after two weeks of wrangling with customer service, they sent me a return label and I traded for the pistol I'd ordered, but they never apologized for the mixup. There were some paint scratches on the rifle I'd ordered too, but no matter.

    Well, five months go by, and since I was busy, I never checked on the status of the motor grip I bought. Frankly I forgot about it.
    Then I noticed the order sheet in my file, and sent an email about the missing part. They told me it was still on order, with six weeks before it'd arrive. I looked at the website. There was no longer a product listing for it. But I decided to be patient. My next email, a month later, went unreplied to.

    Eight months later, I made another order, being the trusting/gullible sort. It arrived with the wrong brand of BBs, and when I sent another email about both that and the missing grip, I finally got an answer- they'd be happy to substitute a specific CAA grip for the one I'd bought, and they sent the wrong product as a substitute because they were out of the brand of BBs they'd listed as being in stock.
    Well, I accepted their offer to substitute the new grip, thinking that, hey, that was nice of them to at least try. Then I looked at the CAA grip the rep had recommended- it wasn't even close to a replacement- it was a GBB grip and wouldn't fit an AEG. On top of that, they sent me another email later, asking me to pay the difference between the grip I'd originally ordered and the one they'd offered to "substitute"! (Turns out it was a $50 part, compared to the $20 piece I'd originally ordered; from my perspective, the whole thing looked like a bait-and-switch scheme.)

    So, moral of the story? I've never been satisfied with an Airsplat order, and unless they do a 180 and apologize/fulfill my order, I will not be purchasing from them again. Their sales may be tempting, but considering my abysmal experience with the store (nine months waiting for a part?) I would recommend ASGI or Evike instead. Your peace of mind is worth more than 30% off!
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    Not to mention that shipping is completely insane. $17 for a small item?

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    My experience ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1436806903.527794.jpg
    If I can't send an email, how can they send my order
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    Airsplat does have a vendor account on this forum and they're pretty active on the boards. Shoot them a quick message, give them a couple days and see if they get back to you. Tell em what's going on BUT be brief and concise. Stick to the facts, not your life story. It may or may not work, but that's the avenue I'd check out before giving up.

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    Well, it's worth a shot, I suppose. Nevertheless, if an issue can't be resolved through lengthy exchanges with customer service, there's a definite problem there.
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    Airsplat often pretends to have things that they don't have. The Tokyo Marui m870 for example. I ordered it, waited the 8 weeks they said it would take only to hear that they "received the wrong model and had to return it". I got a refund instead... I'd appreciate it if they'd be more honest. If they're not going to sell it, they shouldn't even list it.