Aisoft mask for glasses

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    Reputable paintball masks are fine. And in my experiance, the easiest and cheapest way for vision challenged players. I did have a thread I started about a couple of prescription safety/sport glasses websites

    I have a Save Phace mask, that I’ve used for years. The Dye i4 and i5 masks seem to be popular on the field too. The one thing with paintball masks, is fogging. There are a few things on the market to help with this. I’ve recently picked up an ‘EX Fog’ system that’s basically a fan that you put on the back strap of the mask, and it pipes air into the mask to help with fogging. I haven’t used it on the field yet, but it seems to be a popular choice to mitigate fogging. There’s also home remidy tricks. One of these tricks is to put a layer of dawn dish soap on the inside of the shield, let it dry and ‘polish’ it off. It does sort of work. I’ve had mixed results.

    I also like to play wearing an OpsCore helmet, which makes the mask harder to use. So I purchased some Smith OTW goggles w/ fan. Smith makes a prescription insert for the goggles, but it gets expensive when the goggles cost close $180 then another $60-$100 for the perscription insert w/ corrected lenses installed. But the Goggles with a mesh lower mask works better with the helmet.

    Sport RX has a goggle insert system that I haven’t found out if it fits in the smith goggles, but it has larger lenses. This is something I will be looking into with my next prescription change.

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    Get a google with thermal lenses.

    The Ex fog system is a old concept but works, however it's expensive.

    My head band and thermal lens has never fogged on me...this is from decades of paintball and airsoft experience...