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  1. GrantSnyder

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    I just got my AK47's battery fully charged.
    I was testing out the fire rate and accuracy. About 5 seconds on the trigger and then little clicks.
    I then tried Semi and clicked the trigger really fast so it almost sounded like full automatic. I tried to shoot it again, it completely stopped.

    What can I do? It won't shoot.

    It made no sounds whatsoever when I tried to pull the trigger.
    I took out the battery, starting wiggling the plugs inside and then put the battery back. It did not fire.
    I then looked at where the magazine went and then just poked at it with my finger and the gun fired.
    I have yet to keep firing because I'm scared it might break again.
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  2. marine121496

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    Uh like are you hearing tiny clicks after it stopped shooting? Try lowering motor height some.

  3. GrantSnyder

    GrantSnyder New Member

    Okay, so. Lowering the motor height...
    How am I to do this?

    Don't judge me but when I got the gun, I took off the metal plate that's on the top and I couldn't figure out how to put it back on :p
  4. Ze_Glocksman

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    You take off the pistol grip by the trigger. There should be a screw on the bottom. Take that screw out and then slide off the grip. Then there will be another type of screw at the bottom. I think it's an Allen screw. Tighten it to make the motor height higher or unscrew for lower. You might also have an anti reversal latch problem.
  5. Addict

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    Start buy buying a new battery and a Universal Smart Charger. I would not recommend shifting the motor height, I would require it.
    If all else fails, check your wires and fuse.

    Hope this helps!
  6. GrantSnyder

    GrantSnyder New Member

    Thank you!!!

    Do you know where I can possibly find one of the chargers?
  7. thuperman15

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    The charger is a good idea but that's not the problem here. If you correctly charged the battery and the gun isn't shooting correctly and if the gun is making a clicking sound of the motor trying to turn then adjust the motor height if that doesn't work the gearbox may be locked (an anti reversal latch problem) or just have a bad battery. If there is no sound from the gun check that the motor connectors are seated properly or aren't broken off from the wire because this happens often