(AK74) Crossman Pulse DP80

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by GoldHawk_Airsoft, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. GoldHawk_Airsoft

    GoldHawk_Airsoft New Member

    I know this is a crossman, but I've heard if you arent too rough with a crossman, it will last much longer. This is my first Electric Powered rifle. It is a replacement for my Colt M4 that was Spring Powered. This was on clearance at Cabela's in Hamburg PA for $42. The price is usually around $112 im pretty sure. Comment if you have had experience with this gun. Please, no ranting about how Crossman sucks, I know this isn't the best gun out there, but there are other brands that aren't good either.

  2. Sohte

    Sohte Member

    San Jose/ Bay Area
    Personally when it comes to Walmart and mass retail merchandisers AEGs I only care about the gearbox, and for $42 bucks thats a pretty good deal.

    As long as there is a metal gearbox with metal gears you can upgrade and tinker with it. But if its a plastic gearbox then I would just hook up a 11.1 Lipo and run it to death.

  3. schlabie

    schlabie New Member

    Well you joined a airsoft forum, named yourself Goldhawk airsoft, then proceeded to say you had a springer, and now you have a crosman. Why the hell doesnt anyone just buy a JG or Cyma 028??!!! As much as we say it, you think itd sink in. Crossmans are crap, get a jg. Yes, I just talked about how bad crossmans are.
  4. GoldHawk_Airsoft

    GoldHawk_Airsoft New Member

    First off, my springer is my sniper rifle. And second off, if you're going to come in to this forum and just tell people how their guns suck and to get a JG or Cyma and then rant about how people (in this case, SUPPOSEDLY me,) are stupid, then I have two simple solutions.

    1: Learn your manners. You should have been taught them when you were a child

    2: Get off this forum. If this is what you post all the time, you are just ruining the community.

    You have a good day sir.
  5. Topojijo

    Topojijo New Member

    Don't say that you're using your spring m4 as a sniper rifle...

    You tell us to not write how much crossman guns suck, which means that you already know how awful they are. So why buy one?
    We are not trying to push you down when we say that, we are trying to help you from staying away from their guns that will probably break within a month and have the worst performance ever.
    If you want a crossman, fine, go and buy it without asking for our oppinions, because 99% of us will nag on how crappy they are. The other 1% will be recommending you it, because they've never held or used a better airsoft gun.

    Anyways what's your budget?
  6. GoldHawk_Airsoft

    GoldHawk_Airsoft New Member

    Nonono, my spring M14 is my sniper, he was talking about what I first posted was about my spring M14. My M4 was spring, but for target shooting. And my budget is low, because my parents are strict on guns and all that, and they wouldnt let me spend $50 over an airsoft gun. So, that being said, my options are very limited. I have held other better airsoft guns and I don't think crosman sucks, i just think there are many, many more better options out there, but not many are under $50.
  7. GunsnBones

    GunsnBones New Member

    I see many used JG, D-BOYS, and CYMA AEGs go for around $50 on Craigslist and EBay. Heck, I even saw an ICS proline for $50 on Craigslist. There was not even an issue with it the seller needed money quick.
  8. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
    The OP has made a step up from a springger. It's how most of us get into the sport; starting off on the bottom tier, then slowly working our way up. Clearly he's trying to learn more and more, but obviously he most likely doesn't have funding to go to a higher tier at the moment. Let him do his thing, it's how we all live and learn.

    OP, the gun is a decent gun. It gets you on the field, but be aware, even with the best love and care, the gun won't last too long. It's simply the way it goes. But for the time being, enjoy the gun and enjoy the sport. And of course feel free to write a review about the gun in the review section after you've fielded it a few times.

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