All you support gunners out there,

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  1. hunter21

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    I'm starting my new role as a support gunner, and was wondering what your battle plans are? Could you use the m249 as a turret gun on a truck?
  2. Hartman96

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    You could, but the main role of a support gunner is to support your team. I am in the process of obtaining a MK43 my self but still play as the support gunner for my team. Basicaly you put down coverfire while your team moves, or if they are pinned you can draw fire or pin the opfor.

  3. Havok17

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    I guess you could but it would be better if you could remove it so it could be used the way it should. I'm not a support gunner so I'm not an expert but those were my .2 cents.
  4. jimjam321

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    I used a m60 in one of my matches and gets heavy fast so I mostly went Vietnam style hip firing and quickly learned a decent tactic to pin down an enemy and without them knowing to flank them which I'm very good at and attack their side I was doing awesome with that strategy but all depends how you play
  5. ncore

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    All i suggest is not to use it in a CQB match. You will make enemys very quickly haha
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    What coming around corners just firing. Yeah thats always fun to be on the recieving end of :D. Though luckly my field only allows semi inside 15ft. Lastly just set up in a good position with good cover and a field of fire and keep the enemies heads down. Your job is to spray bbs down range so your teamates and squadmates can do the killing.
  7. SWATCQBcounterstrike

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    As a main support gunner on my team You could but you need to be there when your team needs you for cover fire So yh you can mount it but be useful and get upgrades for the gun.

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    False, support gunning is all about suppression, not who can put the most rounds downrange the fastest. You can keep a guy behind cover for the same amount of time by putting a quick burst down range than holding on the trigger for 3 seconds. That being said, sometimes spraying is the most effective way of covering a large area from enemy movement, but it's by no means the main method of pinning enemies in airsoft.

    Many people think, oh support gunner, get an LMG w/ box mag(or just the latter in airsoft) and then just hose out the enemy. It's not like that, notice how many places classify weapons such as the M14 EBR as a support weapon because you can provide suppression on an enemy with an M14 as well. Firing from afar from another direction that your team is moving is considered just as much support gunning as going rambo with your M60 to draw fire.

    Support gunning is (for lack of a better term) an art. Knowing when, where, and how to fire a support gun is crucial. Knowing how to properly employ a support weapon can be the difference between winning the firefight and heading back to respawn. On the offense, employing that box mag to its full potential when covering a teammate to go plant a bomb while a horde of enemies is coming at you with the opposite intention, on defense, limited well timed shots to hold a choke point while a fireteam moves around to flank the enemies pinned there. Both are proper ways to employ a support weapon properly.

    Check out this guide that ASONW wrote:
  9. SWATCQBcounterstrike

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    I do agree but being to owner of an XM8 that can **** out rounds and is accurate with them and doesn't need a Box mag support gunning is still an art. That said you don't need to have an LMG to be support you just need to have the ammunition in your mags to be effective at holding an enemy in one area and allowing the rest of your team time to move up a few feet at a time.

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  10. DeltaSupportGunner

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    Yeah I run the m249. I have thought about doing something like that but then u have to buy the mount. Plus it's fun running around and supporting ur team. But I really like mowing people down.