Am i ready for my first 48 hour mislim event?

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    Im attending my first milsim event (mislim west Jump To Rostov to be specific) and I think im done with the gear that i will carry most of the time (assault pack and what not). Anyone have any advice or input?? Let me now

    Stuff i have that isnt pictured:
    5 batteries
    pair of black combat boots
    2 chemlights
    emergency blanket
    emergency poncho
    bug spray
    pen and pad

    My primary AEG is a JG SR16 Enhanced (Airsoft megastore has it listed as the JG LR16, the exact one i bought)

    EDIT: This is just what will mostly be on my person, doesnt include my rucksack.

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    I don't see them mentioned, so I feel better asking rather than assuming... Water, extra ammo, magazines, extra batteries for flashlight, tac light, field snacks, water, dead/red rag?

    I like to bring extra eye-pro and rifle in the event something breaks/fails.
    Water is a HUGE one.

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  3. diamonddogs97

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    Yeah i know about the water and im curently waiting on 5 mid caps to come in so the magazines are out of the way. Would 5 batts be enough?
  4. theonlyBuster

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    Depends on the battery and how energy efficient your gun is... Speciically what batteries do you have?

    The easiest way to figure out how much ammo and how many batteries you'll need would be to take account each in regards to a single period of play.
    The average player goes out to a field and plays for 4hrs before going home, so we'll use 4hrs as a base. How much ammo did you use over that 4hr span on the field. Include time messing around in staging and the time it took to seat up each game. Let's say 2 hi-caps.

    Now remember, the event is 48hrs, but remember you won't be on the field the entire time, you'll be eating, reloading, walking back to respawn, and yadda yadda, so right off the bat let's reduce play time by a third. Which leaves us with 32hrs (which is likely more realistic). So we used 2 hi-caps in a 4hr span, And we want to know how much we'll use in a 32hr period, so we'll use the following formula:

    [2 hicaps] X [32 hrs of play] / [4hrs tested] = 16 hi-caps (6,400 rounds) realistically for a 48hr event.

    Again, this math is probably a bit high depend on the shooter. I did the math and my number was about half, but that's because I'm a fairly conservative shooter. But of course when I went to events, I made it a habit to bring an extra bag of BBs in case things got heavy, but for me, my math was typically fairly close.

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    READ THE TACSOP FOR THE EVENT!!!! Usually includes packing list and should tell you everything needed for the "OP". Have fun, don't get dehydrated.
  6. airsoftmaniacman

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    MSW is going to be your first real MilSim event?

    May the airsofting gods have mercy on your soul, because the MSW staff will not.

    I have a teammate whose first ever real MilSim event was a MSW event. He got his butt handed to him. He still loved every minute of it.

    Unfortunately, since he wasn't accustomed to MilSim, he wasn't very useful on the field. A lot of time had to be spent teaching him the norms and expectations, which is something you don't want to do at an event as serious as MSW. Afterwards, my team agreed that attending a MSW event as your first MilSim experience was not a wise idea. It worked out well for my particular teammate since he now loves MilSim, but it could have just as likely destroyed his interest in it.

    I highly recommend that you attend a Lion Claws, American MilSim, or Blacksheep MilSim event BEFORE you attend this MSW event. At the very least, attend a Lion Claws Camp Wolverine session. Those events will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to excel at a MSW event. As a result, you'll become a productive member of the squad rather than a liability.

    If you have prior military or LE training, then you'll be fine jumping straight into MSW events. If you're like most airsofters, and the only tactical training you've received is what you've learned off TV shows, movies, and computer games, then you should seriously consider a less intense event before a MSW one.
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    lol well theres one way to find out if ill get dominated, plus i live in a small town so the closest smaller milsim event is 3 hours away. I got talked into going by a local airsoft team leader who says i can play under their affiliation. I know physically it will be challenging and i am preparing for that and pretty much have all my gear on the way (3 weeks until op) so i just hope i do decent! Thanks for the suggestions!
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    What all do you have there for the load bearing gear and assault pack themselves? I spy some ALICE pouches, I think.
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    I think airsoftmaniacman was more talking about endurance, physical fitness and pack-prepping more than your combat effectiveness. Keep in mind it doesn't affect just you if you get incapacitated due to heat exhaustion or whatever else (though you certainly won't have a fun time if it does happen). Nobody will care that much if you are a terrible shot. They will care if the game was halted for an hour to properly pump fluids into you. Bring more water than you think you need (because some poor sap will not bring enough for himself anyway) and be prepared to be very exhausted from after you wake up on the field the first time to when the game ends. You could be prepared for this but your focus on airsoft gear rather than field essentials makes me want to say this stuff just in case.

    Have fun!