AMS certified preowned guns

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    I am just curious about a couple things when it comes to Airsoft Megastores certified preowned guns. Would you as experienced players take a chance on one of them 1 if you knew you were only going to upgrade it anyway 2 would you consider it because it could save you money on the base to use towards upgrades 3 Would you feel safe knowing it was already shipped out once came back given a clean bill of health and shipped out again?
    Thanks in advance for your responses
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    Well based on the outcome of the scavenger hunt I would not recomend them. They probably sell some with a good amount of wear and tear. Atleast IMO it would be worth buying it new. If I planes on over hauling the gear box with new gears, a piston, a motor, etc then I would consider buying one. But the externals are probably scratched up. And ups is know for damaging stuff and it will go through ups three times then. Anyways I don't trust asm bill of health.
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