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    Ok so I'm new to airsoft and honestly on a pretty tight budget (80-ish - 100ish). I really want a G36 type of but the only way I can see getting a decent G36 with a metal gearbox is getting one used. This is where the CPO Box from Airsoft Megastore ( comes in. So the reason I'm hesitant is A) Because its a used gun and B) Because a lot of people seem to dislike AMS and I've read quite a few stories about things like this backfiring. I understand that buy buying a CPO Box I run the risk of it not working but I've also read that AMS's customer service will help out over the phone with repairs if it doesn't work. While that is really a worst-case scenario I could also see it as being somewhat useful as I would get some experience "under the hood" of an airsoft gun, so to speak. Basically, TL;DR: Should I even consider buying an Airsoft Megastore CPO Mystery Box ( while fully understanding the risks or just not bother.

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    As a new player, I wouldn't. The headache of a broken gun and having to deal with customer service is something you don't want, especially since you're new to the sport.

    If you increase your budget by $20 or so, you can buy a new JG G36 and have peace of mind.

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    First off thanks for replying! Secondly, where could I get on of the JG G36's? I've seen them at Airsplat but I've also read lots of bad review about Airsplat such as them sending the wrong guns, sending broken guns, sending order confirmations but never sending the gun, etc, and I haven't been able to find the JG G36 in stock anywhere else. So now my dilemma is basically whether or not I want to order from Airsplat unless there's another place that stocks the G36's.
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