An Apology For An Old Post

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    So to be honest this seems to be the best place to put this, but this is probably my first time back to these forums in almost 7 years and after posting this I really have no intention of returning. As some of my old airsoft team mates pointed out tonight this may not even be as "big a deal" as I believe it to be, but here it is out of respect and gained insight.

    Re-reading some old posts I left on here I only found 1 that stood out from way back in 2010 where I had posted something in regards to my now disbanded team considering the use of real medals as a rewards system. Maybe this is just me feeling like I need to publicly vent, but I feel absolutely horrible that I ever even suggested doing such a disrespectful, inappropriate, immature, and stupidly naive thing. The reason my old team mates think I am blowing this out of proportion is not only due to how old and buried that post was, but the simple fact we never actually attempted to implement the plan.

    But I can't shake the guilt for nearly spoiling such an amazing sport/activity/game such as Airsoft with such a foolish idea however young I may have been. I strongly believe our veterans and active duty have fought way too hard and had/have to deal with far too much to be disrespected by a kid playing pretend with otherwise hard earned, honorable medals. And in some ways it would mean a lot if "new" teams of young players saw this and learned what I should have understood years ago when I still played. There comes a limit to the level of "pretend". You can buy the gear, the uniforms, the replica guns, but certain lines should never be crossed. And as I said, even though this was something we never physically ever did, I felt an apology was owed to this community for ever even suggesting such a thing however long ago it may have been.

    Sincere thanks to those who read all of this, I know it was long. If such a post seems inappropriate then I apologize. I just didn't want this to go uncorrected or unsaid.