An infantry veteran looking to start an Airsoft team

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    Hey guys my name is Jordon and I have loved the lifestyle of Airsoft for many years, I have been on a few teams that didn't take the game serious enough for me. So I would like to start an Airsoft team in the Lancaster PA area, must be 18+ to be on the team.

    My over all goal is to have a tight group of guys would want to challenge them self's to be better players and become a force to be reckoned with. I also want to have fun as well, going out for beers and just having a good time on and off the field.

    I attend a lot of MSATO milsim events and they are very challenging, teams like delta 6 and the green mountain rangers attend most of these events, so the level of competition is very high. I want to give all these teams a run for there money.

    So if the information above sounds like something you would be interested in shoot me a text @ 717-615-five six six 8 .
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    If you're interested, I'm psrt of a team known as Shadow ops. Originally started with four members. One passed away in an accident july 13th, 2014, but we have recently decided to start up the team again. Everyone on the team is about 19 (sorry of thats too young for you lol ) and we all have a lot of our own gear, and hold practices, PT day, etc.

    the team so far consists of
    Connor (me) : tropic thunder
    Rogan: little boy
    steve: fat man
    shawn: JC
    robert: frodo
    cory: BG

    most of those are codenames, and we take this stuff really serious but also like to have fun doing it. If you're interested PM me and we can probably set something up.

    I'm the only original member of the team left though, but all the other members do have a lot of experience.

    Around the Pittsburgh PA area.

  3. shadow-7

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    I'm down in the Lancaster area so that might be an issue
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    I have a small team, 5 guys. We are in Delaware County Pa. very early in our team life. We are playing in battle of the bulge next weekend Dec 19th at OXCC in maryland.