Announcement: New Zephyr Airsoft Field in Ventura County

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    Zephyr Airsoft is now hosting walk on games at the airsoft field at Paintball USA. The walk on games are subject to all the rules seen on the event page, but the cost is only $25. The airsoft field has its own staging area, parking lot and an airsoft exclusive play field.

    Game Schedule:
    9/30/12 - Operation Zephyr II: Judgment Day (EVENT)
    10/14/12 - Walk On game $25

    Zephyr Sports:
    Event Page:
    PaintBall USA Ventura
    5011 W Gonzales Rd, Oxnard, CA
    (805) 275-2040
    (805) 585-2227

    Rules summary.
    Mesh, sunglasses, safety glasses, perforated steel not permitted as eye protection.
    Bang Bang if within 10 feet.
    400 fps pistols and AEGs.
    500 fps snipers.
    Grenades and 40mm shells permitted.
    6mm BB devices only.
    Special weapons approved on a case by case basis.
    10 foot kill radius on 'detonating' grenades.
    knife kills, and meleee weapons not permitted.
    Barrel covers must be used at the event.
    Bio BB's required.
    Max FPS 400 - Bolt Action Snipers - 500.
    Under 18 requires full face coverage.
    Over 18 requires a full seal ansi rated goggle.
    No pyrotechnics.



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    Where is it located? And Do you need your own gear?

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    It is located in Oxnard, an hour or so from LA.